Eligibility Guidelines
Residents must be enrolled in a participating postgraduate program at an Ontario School of Medicine to be eligible to take part in the RR Program. Please refer to the relevant documents for your university and program located on the Participating Programs page. All Programs and Postgraduate Deans reserve the right to refuse eligibility if a Resident is not performing at the required standards in their program.

Criteria for resident participation is determined by each School and Program based on the Resident's performance to date and program assessment of ability to perform semi-independently. At a minimum you must:

  • Have successfully completed and passed the MCCQE Parts I and II,
  • Have completed 18 months of residency training,
  • Be in good academic standing,
  • Not be undergoing formal remediation,
  • Be actively involved in your residency training program (not on leave).
Residents wishing to work in Emergency Departments must have successfully completed training in  Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) and Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) or achieved competencies in completed trauma rotations that are deemed by their Program Director as equal or superior to ATLS.

Residents wishing to work in Intensive/Critical Care Units must have successfully completed training in Advanced Cardiac Life Support. Those working in comparable pediatric settings must have completed training in Pediatric Advanced Life Support and in Neonatal Advanced Life Support.

Please note that Pool C Residents/Visa Trainees have been precluded from access to Restricted Registration due to arrangements about income tax and personal revenue that have federal legal implication.