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The table below indicates the domains of practice for a restricted registration available to residents by service and site. Please indicate the domain of practice for which you are seeking a restricted registration. Please ensure that you have the level of experience required for the service type and location you will be working at, and that you receive the level of supervision that is required by your Program.

Required Level of Experience

Supervision Level
Rotation Types & Duration
Rotation Recency
In-Training Exams
Please also see the attached document for additional information.
Psychiatry ER, Inpatient and Outpatient Adult Psychiatry.

Not allowed to work in major teaching centres, any other centre is allowed including teaching centres that are outside a major centre, for example Windsor Ontario, provided the resident is not currently rotating at that site
4 & 5
Resident MUST have successfully completed: Adult General Psychiatry (6 blocks inpatients and 6 blocks outpatients), also the residents must have completed another 12 blocks of training which may include training in:
  • Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
  • Consultation Liaison Psychiatry
  • Geriatric Psychiatry or
  • Rehabilitation Psychiatry
During residency
The program reseves the right to withdraw a residents restricted registration if: the resident fails any exam including the departmental oral examination or the PDM examination, the resident recevies a borderline or failing evaluation on a rotation, the resident is in remediation or academic probation for any reason or concerns regarding the residents professionalism have been raised. There may be other circumstances when a restricted registration may be withdrawn. The resident must fulfill expected on call duties for adult and child and adolescent psychiatry in London Ontario. The resident must attend a minimum of 70% of all Academic Day activities.
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