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The table below indicates the domains of practice for a restricted registration available to residents by service and site. Please indicate the domain of practice for which you are seeking a restricted registration. Please ensure that you have the level of experience required for the service type and location you will be working at, and that you receive the level of supervision that is required by your Program.


Type of Work
Required Level of Experience
Training Required
Rotation ITER's
In-Training Exams
Radiology - Community Hospitals
Locum - variable. The locum work cannot replace existing rotations that are a part of the radiology training program.
Each candidate and situation will be assessed by the Program Director. A minimum of 6 months of PGY 4 training is required.
Consistent excellent performance in all areas of radiology.
Consistent excellent performance on all objective examinations including OSCE, ACR in-training examination, and year-end oral examinations.
For more information on CPSO Supervision levels, click here