Emergency Consult - Wingham and District Hospital

You will be required to provide emergency medical care to patients in the Emergency Room as well as back-up to inpatient floors at the Hospital.

The Resident will be required to respond to all ER patients, both acute cases as well as “no family doctor” patients, for refills, allergy shots, pre-op physicals, etc. all in a timely manner, as well as full history and physical and orders on all admitted patients. The Resident must be available to review critical results from Lab and X-Ray if primary attending physician is not available and review all INR results with ER nurses for all “no family doctor” patients. The Resident will respond to the inpatient floor at nursing request for any pressing/emergency issues if the attendant is not available and to local nursing homes, home care agencies, palliative care nurses, etc., if attending physician is not available. The Resident will perform morning inpatient rounds on weekend shifts and holidays as arranged with outgoing/incoming emergency room physician and wrap-up all emergency cases prior to departing the Emergency Room unless handover is arranged on a case-by-case basis with the incoming Emergency MD. The Resident will ensure that all Emergency sheets and Orders are signed, as well as all inpatient History and Physicals are dictated before leaving at the end of the shift.

An attending staff physician will be immediately available for support through the entire shift and able to attend the ER within 10 minutes. All patient charts will be reviewed by the Supervising Physician.

Min Requirement:
As per the Restricted Registration guidelines established by the Residents Training Program.

$130/hour weekday rate, $156/hour weekend and holiday rate.

24 hour shifts beginning at 0800h. Accommodations available.
Dr. Mark Moores, Chief of the Emergency Department
Wingham and District Hospital, mark.moores@lwha.ca or 519-357-1325 for more information.