Emergency Consult - Haliburton Highlands Health Services

The Resident will be required to cover call in the local emergency department (either a 10 hr day shift or a 14 hr overnight shift). While on duty in the ER, particularly in the after hours, the Resident will also be on call for the attached 13 bed inpatient unit and be available by phone for the 2 local nursing homes. The Resident will be expected to perform a full history and physical and orders on any patients they admit. The Resident must be available to review critical results from Lab and X-Ray if primary attending physician is not available.

An attending staff physician will be immediately available for support through the entire shift and able to attend the ER within 10 minutes. All patient charts will be reviewed by the Supervising Physician.

Min Requirement:
As per the Restricted Registration Program guidelines.

$135 per hour.


A call room is availabile within the hospital.
Michael Armstrong, Haliburton Highlands Health Services, bm.armstrong@sympatico.ca or 705-457-1212 for more information.