Critical Care Resident On Call Coverage - Toronto Western Hospital

This posting is intended to fill in for gaps in resident on-call coverage.

ICU residents on call are responsible for: taking signover (1600 weekdays, 0830 weekends); responding to requests from nursing staff pertinent to patient care, overnight consultation from inpatient wards, emergency room, operating room/PACU and Critical Care Response Team calls; resuscitation of newly admitted and deteriorating patients, which may involve placement of invasive lines and initiation of pharmacological and mechanical supports; close communication with the ICU fellow during the call who is expected to review consultations/admissions/challenging problems with the on-call resident; updating of team signout list and participation in end-of-shift signover (0700 weekdays, 0830 weekends).

Additional duties during weekends include assisting with daily comprehensive review ("ICU rounds") of currently-admitted patients, which includes communication with other medical/surgical teams consulting on admitted ICU patients.

Residents are on call with an in-house ICU fellow who is available to provide direct supervision, review and feedback for all activities. Additionally an ICU consultant is available by phone to field questions and provide advice, and is prepared to attend in-person if that level of assistance is required.

Min Requirement:
At least 1 ICU rotation, preferably at TWH ICU site

Additional Requirement:
ACLS, access to UHN-EPR computer system, experience using Clinical Message


Start Date:

Resident on call room is within ICU. This room has a computer. There is an adjacent shower/bathroom. The fellow on call room is in the same area. Residents are welcome to use the fridge/microwave in the nursing lounge. There is a food court including Tim Hortons in hospital (not open 24hrs).
Dr. Ian Randall