Virtual Psychiatry Consultant Resident Position

1. Consolidate knowledge, including etiology, presentation, course, and evidence-based treatment of psychiatric disorders.

2. Refine clinical skills, including assessment, diagnosis, and management of psychiatric disorders via telepsychiatry in a collaborative model of care.

3. Demonstrate ability to engage in effective interactions with members in a collaborative care model, to determine the reason for consultation, to gather information, report findings and recommendations, to write a pertinent and useful consultation note, and maintain accurately and timely medical records

Understand the use of psychotropic medications in combination with psychotherapy in the treatment of chronic mental illness.

6. Integrate and present a bio-psycho-social understanding of a variety of patients. Utilize the bio-psycho-social formulation to devise a treatment plan collaboratively

7. Enhance therapeutic and communication skills with live supervision and through the use of the co-therapist model involving a province-wide network of psychotherapy providers.

The psychiatrist will be sitting in on consultants with them, providing any help necessary and reviewing case notes.

Min Requirement:
Licensed with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario

Additional Requirement:

Income derived from a combination of provincial funding and opportunities for private practice.

Start Date:

Please submit your CV to:
Dr. Allan Steingart